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ryu_kk009's Journal
20 most recent entries

Date:2006-06-30 15:07
Subject:Guh! "Mugen" is pounding and jumping around...

'Kay. I seem to have invited a headache as energetic and perhaps a bit ADD as Mugen to stay semi-permanently. It's all good if it were really Mugen--especially Jin came with him, or was unable to stay away too long from headacheMugen, if only to fight. I guess it's probably not good to have a constantly battling pair permanently settling in my head.

Want to translate the most recently posted Tsubaki-so asap, but the banging in my head keeps getting in the way...goawaygoway.

Have had stories sort of swirling around and running in several different tracks for a while without being able to turning any of it into a readable fic. Constipated much?
Want to write, but more urgently, need to start packing to move. Books, books, books, and journals, and then more books, and papers all around. What to do, where to start?

On a completely different note, gained some 15 lb. in the past two months, after a year of not quite feeling like my usual stocky self. Okay, maybe 10 lb. But if it were winter now, I'd reach nice even 100 with my five layers. So. Good thing, I think. Or maybe not. Anyway, it's a bit weird feeling extra weight so acutely as I move.

Oooooh, be quiet, Mugen! I probably shouldn't have named my headache. If I were an adept or a wizard, being able to name it means I bind it and control it, and in this case, exorcise it or something. But since I'm an extremely ordinary and puny human, it means Mugen's going to stay--like a stray that one opened a door to.
I may have to wait out for a battle to settle. Hopefully, it'll be done before the night ends, and I'll finish (or at least start) translating during the weekend. . .

(...'m sorry Laura-san. I'll get to it as soon as possible, really.)

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Date:2006-06-28 10:40
Subject:Happy Birthday, Laura-san!
Mood: bouncy

Otanjo-bi omedeto gozaimasu! Today is laurabryannan's birthday! Tra-lalalala!
I wish you the very best, Laura-san!

While my own birthday means very little, especially since I've soooo little to show for my age that another year makes no difference, sadly, it means a lot that this is your birthday. (It excites and delights me when I acknowledge and appreciate the day people I respect and care about were given birth. Even though I don't celebrate birthdays for myself any more, I still feel the weight of a year by my friends' birthday:-)

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Date:2006-06-11 00:52
Subject:Happy Birthday, Neld-san!!!!

I don't quite know how to go about this, but in any case, I wish you a very happy birthday, neldluva-san, followed by a wonderful and productive year!
I hope everything is going well, and that your new job is turning out to be a good and not too stressful one:-)

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Date:2006-05-18 20:18
Subject:Samurai Champloo Fic: Hands
Mood: grateful

Title: Hands
Fandom: Samurai Champloo
Pairing: Mugen/Jin (implied Jin/Other)
Rating: PG-13 (including one f-word ^~^)
Summary: The semi-impressionistic recollection of the touches that have defined Jin--making, unmaking, and remaking him. (Jin's POV)
Notes: Um. It has been a while, but this is sort of a companion piece to my first and only Samurai Champloo fic so far, in Jin's POV this time.
This is all thanks to shayheyred, who so generously offered to beta it for me and gave me so much help and encouragenments!

The previous fic is here

It is always a touch...pressed just a little longer than strictly necessaryCollapse )

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Date:2006-05-16 10:24
Subject:Reunion at 86 years old!

On a completely different note, my grandmother attended her annual reunion for the last time yesterday, according to my mother.

It's from her girls' school, which is a rough equivalent of our middle to high school today.
Since my grandmother enjoys any occasion that gives her an excuse to dress up, and perhaps even go shopping to get ready, she always loved these reunions.
I had to ask my mother why this was the last time.

She told me that the number of attendees have decreased to half they had last year, making it five 86- to 87-year-olds there this time.

I'm so very glad and grateful that my grandmother is still well and enjoying life; I am also realizing that she is getting old, and while I've been away.

In any case, it's still amazing that they get to have a reunion after well over three scores, and at the area far away from where their school used to be.

I doubt that will be a possibility for me or too many other people, although I must admit that with your middle and high school friends (and your elementary school friends), things are a bit different than with all your friends and acquantances from then on. It doesn't matter what you do at the moment or what your current interests are, just the fact of spending those (often difficult and tumultrous) formative years together brings you back to those days right away! (Not that I liked high school that much aside from what readings and writings I did outside school requirements, and what friends I made doing so.)

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Date:2006-05-14 10:14
Subject:Happy Mother's Day!!!

For anyone who is a mother, happy mother's day!

Made a call to my mother first thing in the morning, about the end of mother's day there. Also called my aunt, who half (or quarter?) raised me.
Strangely emotional experience that made it slightly different from all the preceding years.

My mother already had me at my age. I guess I am starting to see how difficult it must have been to deal with a difficult child who watches her every move and reacts to all she says as well as what she never voices.
Being the center of someone's world must have been terrifying at first... Or so I assume.

So everyone who's a mother, happy mother's day! Anyone who lives with the responsibility of a mother and survive relatively sane has my deepest respect.

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Date:2006-05-14 02:57
Subject:Huh...just my kind of sin(s)...

Umm. Followed the lead of laurabryannan.
Never done this before (taking a quiz, yes, but never posted the results or anything), but it made a lot of sense, in a not so flattering way.

Greed:Very Low
Wrath:Very Low
Envy:Very Low
Lust:Very Low
Pride:Very Low

Take the Seven Deadly Sins Quiz

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Date:2006-05-11 23:42
Subject:Before/After the storm...

Still not done at all with things that need done.
Yet procrastinating as usual until there's nowhere to go.

A minute here to regroup and then get back to work...hopefully.

Beautiful weather today. Before/After the storm kind of weather in which the unseasonally (or in our region, very much temperamental as the season requires) chilly air was pregnant with anticipation, then with eery calm. There's a hint of desperation in the almost desolate pale sky and rattling wind. At the same time, there's also a sense of hope that comes right after rain, when even stronger wind carries the damp smell of earth and fresh green with it, while birds start chirping all at once as if to make up for the silence just a moment ago.
Desolation, desperation, hand in hand with hope, just like in the myth of Pandora.

I love this kind of wheather where everything hang between predictable and unpredictable, all fluid, temparamental, and expectant.

The chill itself was a nice change from summer-like weather we've had, somehow more envigorating.

Weather like this renews my sense of wonder.

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Date:2006-05-07 05:50
Subject:No more midwest winter...
Mood: calm

It is just barely getting light outside, and through the semi-permanently drawn curtain of my apartment kitchen, the color of the sky reminds me of winter.

Strange to reminisce of the winter I'll probably never see once I leave this place come summer or perhaps autumn.
Strange how already nostalgic it feels.
I guess I may come back some time or experience winter in Midwest somewhere else one day. And I guess I should have had enough of it (7 altogether, or is it 8?).
It's just that...for me, who rarely wears her watches and does not care to count/calculate/measure time, days or minutes or even years, but mostly acknowledges it through what's felt on skin about the particular seasons or times of year she's in...
I'd miss the air and the smell of winter around here.

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Date:2006-04-30 19:42
Subject:Huh? What's this? Peter???

I have this timing that I usually catch Peter Wingfield in whatever show he's in. Or it's just that I have no life and use tv as a background noise to keep me company.
Why is Peter in Charmed, of all things? And why am I watching Charmed?? HUh? Okay, I guess i am glad that I didn't miss him, but...Charmed? And since when? Is this the first time, or has he appeared in this same show before?
Actually, he looks great! I don't know how he does it, but he's quite convincing as obsessed, attractive villain. (At the same time, he does that House of Cards average joe--no joe is average, they are above good, over to the great--thing so well, too.)
Oh, no, Peter just shot Phoebe (I think, no, Paige? the redhead creamy beauty). Why does he look so good in black?
I haven't slept straight 4 hours in days, or more like weeks, though I've been falling asleep when I shouldn't, and it's starting to show in stopping of brain functioning and pounding headaches, etc., etc., but I can still appreciate PW alright, and I thank him for that!

P.S. I love his hands....

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Date:2006-04-23 04:36
Subject:Bringing a knife to school. . .

Attentively notsleeping again.
My sleep-deprived brain took some warped route and recalled something to comfort itself.
which just happens to be about using a knifeCollapse )

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Date:2006-04-19 18:35
Subject:Supernatural Fic: Revolution
Mood: tired

I never thought I would be sucked so deep into this fandom (or Samurai Champloo). But starting with "Never Alone," a poignant study of John Winchester by pixel_0, the SN fandom offers so many great work by such talented writers that I guess I had no chance simply passing through. . .
Come to think of it, how dare I write in this fandom when the above is the case?

Title: Revolution
Fandom: Supernatural
Very much Gen with the undercurrent of (a bit more than?) brotherly love
Summary: Distance between the brothers change with time, or the constancy of changes.

the first SN fic, or in a dire need of help with this draft?Collapse )

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Date:2006-04-16 12:49
Subject:To Live For. . .

Love may not be quantifiable.
But I'd say one's love means more when one's willing to live for it than to die for it.

What say you?

what brought this onCollapse )

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Date:2006-04-14 16:34
Subject:Buddhist, if nominally, that I am. . .

Celebrated the Thai New Year yesterday with my friendsCollapse )

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Date:2006-04-10 19:31

Gah. drills. tylenol. there's an imp with a fork and a knife dancing and jumping where they shouldn't, scratching the fork against the knife while at it. . . Gah. Maybe I have a herd of those imps jumping up and down in my mouth and somewhere in my temple and brain? I don't remember inviting them in. Sweep'em out; sweep'em out, please!

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Date:2006-04-07 17:04
Subject:At this moment. . .
Mood: distressed

Hole in the heart has nothing (much) on the crater in the teeth.

And I had to bite hard on the silver that came off right where the nerve ending was exposed.

The new fanfics, dojin scans, last night's SN securely taped (and viewed repeatedly already) help a lot, but still, let me lose consciousness any time now...Over a week with this crater, and it's growing deeper and wider, I'm afraid.

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Date:2006-04-06 19:29
Subject:How quickly a decade goes by. . .
Mood: content

It's been a strange day today. Not that it was any different from every day or any day of the past four years or so, but I still felt like crossing over, if that makes any sense.
Haven't celebrated my birthday in over five years, but my friend called me the past weekend to wish me happy birthday just in case she couldn't catch me today, then another friend sent me an e-mail last night, which was my birthday back home. I found three packages filling up my small mailbox just an hour ago.
My brother (who is almost as lazy-ass as I am) sent me an e-mail, reassuring me that he is happy, with his work and with his family life, also wishing me happiness.

Even the spring rain that usually annoys me with its humid weight (as it frizzles my hair and makes me sleepy) only added to strangely mellow, nostalgic feeling I have been entertaining all day.

It wasn't as if anybody knew it was my birthday, but today was the day I had far more encounters/interactions with people than usual, on-line and otherwise.

This year started with a big change that left me without a ground to stand on (as if I ever had a place to claim!), but it may have helped me start seeing what really is important for me in terms of happiness, which concept I have never believed in too much as anything tangible or viable, at least in relation to myself. (Happiness seemed too much to aim for, and I am okay with being okay or fine...)

I still have several hours left with today, but I'd say, it was a pretty good birthday, all things considered.

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Date:2006-04-04 19:41
Subject:I know it's stupid, but sometimes you can't help thinking...
Mood: restless

When there's pressing matters that need my whole attention, that's when my mind starts to wander.
Right at the moment, I can't help but wonder what would be different if the characters' names were a mouthful, and if they were happily and passionately engaged in youknowhat-kind of activity, and they had to call out the other's name...

For example, if Methos had to cry out in the middle of his little death something like "Oh, Jugemujugemuchojunominamotootafukugotakousachikoueitakarabuyushichifukujin" instead of nice clean "Duncan." Or if Sam appreciates his brother's taking care of him in so many ways by tenderly whispering his name in the dark: "Kakamokumokugetsukindo," or even "Aristophanesteponopolous" . . .
What if the two hotheads had to issue yet another challenge to each other by daringly calling out the other's name, "Hey, Yoshiwaragongenjirosaburo," and ". . . Nanashinogonbeiyosakuihana," instead of "Jin" and "Mugen," (if not calling each other's name all delirious or hot and bothered on the hard floor of a hut they "borrow" to avoid being subjected to the mercy of heaven).
What would that do to them/us?
I mean, is that why the main characters of most popular shows have less than two syllables in their name?
As if they are named for the convenience of pink-minded fangirls...

Enough procrastination. I need to have my head examined...or preferably exchanged with some organized intellectual one.

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Date:2006-04-04 13:20
Mood: pensive

So, if I'm what I eat? I'd be just easy--and instant, artificial, sweet, and junk.
If I'm what I own, I'll be made of paper and ink, 90 percent or so. The rest will be trash, or, again, junk.
I think I should be sad. . .

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Date:2006-03-19 20:21
Subject:Ficlet/Draft [Samurai Champloo]
Mood: frustrated

Fandom: Samurai Champloo
Pairing: hopefully, eventually, Mugen/Jin M's POV (There's J's side as well; it's just an outline now.)
Summary: Lessons of his island days have come in handy once he'd met his match in Jin.

need help!Collapse )

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